Ok, it has now officially been more than SIX MONTHS since I sent a MO to Casey Valdez. I STILL have not received the bodies I paid for. I have sent her numerous emails without any replies. The last time I heard from her was MONTHS ago. I finally ended up sending a note via regular mail. STILL NOTHING.

I have no idea what to do at this point. I am sick of waiting. I mean, she could at least email me! Is there some reason she can't send me what I paid for? Like a major family emergency? Someone lost their job? Someone died? Their house burned down? JUST LET ME KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

If someone out there ever bumps into her, maybe you could talk to her for me???

I don't care if I get the bodies, get my money back, or get another model or two that add up to the value of the MO I sent. I just want SOMETHING!

--Sara K. Miles