Recently kindhearted members have wanted to sponsor some student paid memberships for Blab Youth. Iíve given this situation a lot of thought, and considered several different options. Among other things, I'm concerned about the wisdom of granting a minor increased access to an internet site without management's direct knowledge of parental permission. Management is not able to provide the resources for direct verification.

With that in mind, our policy going forward will be: Donations or gifts of paid memberships to minors not in the donor's family can be done by giving the funds directly to the minor and their family, who can then purchase the membership in the usual way, re the membership instructions in the FAQ. If the donor has any issues with the gift later, the donor will need to take it up directly with the recipient, and not with Blab.

The new policy applies ONLY to donations/gifts to minors, NOT to adults. This information has been added to the FAQ.

I hope members will feel that this is a fair solution that protects Blab while allowing those members who want to sponsor youth subs to continue to do so.

[Just a clarification ... when any member uses their own source of funds through the User CP the membership is upgraded/renewed automatically. When another member makes the payment for a gift subscription I am notified and I manually upgrade the membership. I am glad to continue doing this for gifts to adults. It is best that minors and their families take that responsibility for the increase in internet access and exposure, whatever the source of funds. ]