Enough is enough - this transaction is now almost TWO months old.

On 9 May 2008 we entered into a trade agreement: PS Palouse which she wanted to CM for a "friend" and she would send me an UNstained Wintersong.

I paid for a Palouse from another party who promptly sent it - on my behalf - to Lurie via PRIORITY MAIL. She has since acknowledged receiving the Palouse.

I have NOTHING to show for it. She claims to have mailed one out 20 May. When I emailed two weeks later she claimed she did send it - Parcel Post, no delivery confirmation or proof of mailing. NOTHING.

She then claimed she would send out another one, which has not happened. She is now ignoring my emails requesting shipment.

Apparently when she wants something from you she will keep in touch - once she has what she wants you are S.O.L.

I do NOT recommend getting into a transaction with her.