I was just thinking about how confusing some of the acronyms that we use in this hobby can be (it took me MONTHS to figure out what OOAK meant!) and I thought it might be a good idea to have a sticky post in Beginners Corner or another public forum featuring some of the acronyms we use a lot on this site. I know there are a few sites that have very thorough lists of acronyms (like this one). I thought we could post links to those and then post our own list of most used acronyms, just to make it accessible for beginners and longtime hobbyists alike to figure out what an ROA is, or TH or BF or...you get my drift. I know that if you search this site long enough or search the web, you'll eventually figure it out, but I think we should try to make it easier for people to find by putting it in one spot that won't be covered up.

I started compiling a list (it is by no means complete, but just a few things I thought of off the top of my head as examples of what I'm talking about).

AR: artist resin
BF: Breyerfest
BNA: Big Name Artist
CM: customized
COA: certificate of authenticity
NAMHSA: North American Model Horse Shows Association
NAN: North American Nationals
OF: original finish
OOAK: one of a kind
PAM: Proud Arabian Mare
PS: Peter Stone
PSA: Peter Stone Arabian or Public Service Announcement
RESS: Realistic Equine Sculpture Society
ROA: rip-off artist
TH: Treasure Hunt

Does anyone else think this is a good idea? Has this already been discussed and shot down and I just can't find it in search? I'd be willing to compile the list after my finals are over in two weeks. snoman