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Thread: Red Light - Tia Lurie (oceanfirearts)

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    Default Red Light - Tia Lurie (oceanfirearts)

    * commission bought and paid for via second chance offer on ebay, Feb 08
    (horse was to be ready by July mutually agreed)

    * No progress report until 2 months later via thread after I had emailed or
    commented on another thread regarding her work

    Removed link to other hobby board

    Was still assured it would be ready by July

    PM on a board I didnt frequent much early July to tell me Epoxy work was lifting

    No word since despite my attempts to contact via PMs, multiple emails, MH$P vendor forms, and aqquaintences. Yet she has posted here as late as October 30, 2008

    I'm out $127 plus $19 for the model including its shipping to Tia) which
    incidently is AUD$213 and a third of my weekly take home wages

    Not sure what I want out of this now - for half a year I was looking forward to a nice CM clyde mare. Now I'd just settle for my money back


    Michelle Young
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