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    Default RED LIGHT for TIA LURIE.

    As promised, here is my red light for Tia Lurie.

    In October 2007 I paid for a chips arabian to be painted by Tia, the transaction was between both Samantha Lloyd but ultimatly I ended up paying Tia and Tia was to paint the model. I promptly paid, and in two weeks time I got photographs of the horse, nearly completed.

    After that, I didnt hear from her for a while. As an artist myself I knew commissions or art in genneral can take a while so I didnt impose. I emailed her a few months later and she emailed me promptly saying she didnt like the resculpted tail and was redoing it. I was fine with that. Again there was no communication, so I emailed her again, and that's where the "he's shipped," "oops, he's not shipped" cry-wolf string of emails started.

    It is now 2009 and I have not seen hide nor hair of this horse. Since this commission took so long (and judging by the photos sent to me within 2 weeks of a 2007 payment, it should not have) that I had to switch my shipping address back and fourth from school and home a total of three times.

    The excuses varried between work schedule and accidents, both I was sympathetic to because of my own experiances, until the emails just stopped coming. Finally I asked for a refund of $70 and that's when I stopped hearing from her all together. Between transferring colleges while also completeing a degree, and working full time, this transaction did not become a priority until spring 2009, when I re-inquired about the horse.

    So far in this time frame (this spring till present) I have not actually heard from Tia herself though I emailed her on two seperate accounts. The excuse from her friend Samantha is that she doesnt have internet right now, though she DOES have horses listed on MHSP so that doesnt ring true to me. The only people who have contacted me are Samantha, and a string of people who have either warned me of Tia's buisness practices (and are kindly attempting to help me) and two other induviduals who have told me that Tia has done similar to them. One was a commission that hasnt been seen in at least a year (while sales peices are being painted and shown live) and the other I will not disclose the details to because so far she hasnt come out to talk about it except for on a Blab thread I posted. I HOPE both of you find it within yourselves to post what has been done - I felt the same way at first, that it would be bad to red light or that I might be jumping the gun, but I assure you now it is NOT the case!

    The apparent ending of my transaction is that Samantha talked to Tia, and now Tia is stating that she shipped my horse "ages ago" to my college address. She is refusing to refund me my money but is saying she will paint another horse "in good faith." She states she cant give a refund because "she is in a funk." I am refusing that horse.

    Tia, if you are reading this, which I am sure you are because I believe that you DO have internet, this is what I have to say to you:

    1. I emailed you to ask if the horse was sent. You NEVER responded to my last email.

    2. Therefore, you NEVER informed me to be looking in the mail for this horse, so I NEVER KNEW there was a shipping problem (if there was.)

    3. You never sent me a email to check on the horse to see if I recieved it. If you knew that I had been waiting for this horse since 2007 and I had been frequently emailing you about him, dont you think I would have at least sent you a message telling you I got him in the mail and he was finally home?

    4. My college mailroom is very reliant and it is also very small as Centenary is a small school. I had a saddle sit in the mailroom no problem for an extremely long time. Therefore, even if you sent him to the college address while I was at home, I still would have recieved the horse. Not to say he couldnt have gotten lost elsewhere, but I at least know it's not my schools fault.

    5. I had insurance paid on this horse and it is YOUR FAULT I couldnt use it because I had no clue there was a problem with shipping if that is what really happened. I did not know the horse was in the mail! How was I supposed to know?

    6. I do not care that you are in a funk. I can tell you about funks. A dying aunt I have to take care of, a dead boyfriend, catastrophic vet bills for my horse, an uncle in Iraq with small children I have to help babysit, on top of school and a full time job that keeps me out slinging drinks till 2am. I still find time to put my things in the mail, I still have money to make right, I still do not have red lights out against me. Do not tell me about funks.

    7. I honestly believe that since you know I dont want the horse, and you dont want to give me a refund, you've decided the "horse was lost." There is absolutly NO indication that this horse ever left your hands.

    I dont want another horse. I didnt want this horse after I waited so long for it. The transaction ultimatley went south when I told Tia I had had enough and wanted a refund at least 6 months ago. That is when communiaction REALLY stopped and that is why this red light has come into existence. Giving me a different horse is not settleing this transaction.

    This is a hobby but it is also a buisness. When you paint and sell to others, you are running a buisness - just as I have the responsibility to pay promptly, the seller has the responsibility to communicate and be prompt in that communiaction. Sloppy communication lead to a "lost" horse, and a very angry buyer who is also now in total doubt that this transaction ever actually existed, or at least, in doubt that the seller is telling the truth.

    -Kristen Noel Cermele
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