Blab's signature size limit of
200 pixels high
and 600 pixels wide
reduces the vertical scroll required to read thread pages, and keeps Blab tidier overall. All members, free and paid, are allowed to have signatures.

If you barely know a pixel from a pony, please keep reading for help on fitting your signature content to Blab's limitations.

Several weeks ago this alert was posted, but the height limit was posted as 150 pix. As many people already have a fitted sig with a height of 200 pix, the old limit, we'll go with 200.

Currently a great many signatures are overflowing Blab's size limits - often by quite a lot. Blab now has some automatic limits on signature photos and lines (unfortunately it can't limit the signature box itself.) But these auto-limitations ignore existing signatures with photos and lines that are already out of bounds.

So, to enable automated limits for
photos and lines in signatures ...

On Monday July 6th
all signatures
will be automatically deleted.
Members can then re-instate their signatures,
and the automated limits will
apply to photos & lines.

<= Member screaming "what happens if I loose all
my sig code and don't remember how I did it ???? "

<= Answer: Resize your signature now.
When it is correct, PM the correct code to yourself.
(Thanks to mod wobbler_kitty / Melissa for this great idea !!)

All members are asked to compare the space their signature is taking with this block ...

Signatures can be edited in My Panel -
scroll down and select Edit Signature.

Blab can restrict the size of new photo uploads and the number of lines ... but this does not effect previously existing sigs. To correct the current rampant stampede of over-sized sigs, we'll have to clean up all the sigs and start over. Afterwards mods will have to continue pinging warnings.

Blab can't limit or resize the signature box itself (with all contents.) Blab can't stop you from uploading more photos than you should, or making font sizes overflow the allowed space. Members must visually do that. Blab's new limits will apply only to uploads of individual photos and on total lines in the signature.

Given the sad recidivism rate for oversized signatures, after the dump-reinstatement of all sigs, and after a warning and later an infraction, the 2nd infraction to a repeat offender will come with a removal of signature rights.

Help can be found by checking out tips in the FAQ and by posting questions in Blab Tech.

Tips on resizing and editing photos and images ...
... displaying thumbnails that can be clicked to display a full-sized photo
... look through Blab Tech for recent threads on photo manipulation before posting a question - you might find your answer quickly!
... aligning photos/images horizontally
... resizing photos/images
... other questions

Post questions and comments!

PM your fitted sig code to yourself
to save it for re-instatement!!