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    I'll chime in since I suggested it to start with!

    I'll be 30 yo in a few months - I live with my partner (we're not married or even engaged just for the record) and our two dogs. I also have an 11 yo step-daughter. Am I particularly interested in discussing my gripes (or for that matter, relationship highs!) with teenagers? Not particularly.

    Do I feel that it can be of importance for kids/teens to have a forum where they can talk about their feelings, relationships, etc? Absolutely! I'm not ANCIENT, I remember all too well how difficult it was growing up!

    I personally would like to see three forums:
    a) "Adult" ("Senior"? "Family"?). I'm reluctant to set a specific age due to a number of factors. A forum for those living *with* a partner and/or have kids... or those that are at least over 21 yo and dating .
    b) "Teen" ("Young"?) - those that are below 21 yo and that aren't living with a partner, or have kids... but they have to be at least 13 (14? 15?) yo.
    c) "Combo" - a forum where teens (that are eligible for "Teen") can ask us "old folks" about stuff that they may not want to approach their parents about. Don't get me wrong - I'm most certainly not thinking that anything inappropriate should be discussed. More along the lines of "I have a crush, what should I do?" type thing. Unfortunately, not all kids have loving parents or for that matter adults they can ask. And sometimes it's just too plain embarassing anyway LOL.

    Anyway, that's just my take.

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