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    Quote Originally Posted by Heather
    I'm digging this idea. The forum descriptive blurb could be disclaimer-y like "no whining if you post your work for critique; remember that "you asked for it" kinda thing - but I think that the people that use a forum like that would be the type of people that would keep constructive criticism in perspective (as opposed to taking it personally), use it, and run with it!
    I'm all for a constructive criticism forum. I was actually a bit dissapointed when I posted some horses in the "Studio Blab" forum and all people said was "nice."
    I mean, people don't like to hear "Your horse looks like crap" when its their work, but something like "Maybe look at some reference photos for his neck" would be good.
    Is it possible to have some guidelines for a constructive criticism forum/subforum?
    I'll admit, I've been the giver of very unconstructive criticism, and I'm ashamed of it now.
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