There has been some talk of JAH and discussion about how the older JAH were better than the new “kid oriented” ones. I miss a lot of the old mags that were published before the internet took over. I love blab but miss the in depth articles the old mags had. I was wondering what people would think of adding an area to post articles on blab. Do you think it would be a good idea to ask for a spot? Do you think you would contribute or read articles?

I’m on a few other forums for my other hobby (aquariums) and they have a section for articles. They look like articles in a magazine with accompanying photos. People can comment on them and ask questions below the article. I love the banter back and forth on blab but I’m missing the old articles that someone took time to put information together in a comprehensive way; something that you could print out and reference when you needed it. Everyone has some knowledge to share about some topic in the hobby.

Some topics I’ve thought of are:
How to put on a model horse show
How to judge halter and performance
How to prep a model
How resins are cast or how ceramics are molded
How to take good indoor photos of models for showing now that blab has photos shows
How to articles on tack making (a little more than the basic halter making)
The basics on a discipline that the author knows a lot about and mistakes they see
Some reference photos and discussion on horse hair growth patterns

I know there have been discussions about these topics in the past I just think it would be nice to be able to have a resource of the information posted by someone who has organized it into an article. I’m missing articles not geared for the very basic beginner.