Blab 2010

2010 will be a Big Year for Blab
Two major things to tell you ...

But first, the most important thing ...
the substance of Blab continues,
with the same overall forum topics, principals of open expression,
contests, fun stuff ...

What's coming ...


Blab will have another new feature ...
a separate section for articles (as with blog/gallery/chat,)
with photos, images, videos ...

and the look of Blab will be upgraded 2 ways

to current internet technologies ... nothing too major,
just improved color, tidier fonts, lines and layouts ...

re-organization of some forums
to add some logic and search-ability ... beginning 2nd week of January


gathering to begin now ... click here for information
Forum organization will occur in stages, beginning early January, completion eta end of February
Navigation eta January

Overall upgrade to the New Blab 2010 ...
articles & small forum changes will get started in January
... everything in place eta April!

More details ...

Blab has a wealth of knowledge and talent on board! How-to's, standards, glossaries, history ... everything from chalkies to painting realistic eyes to a checklist for a first live show are welcome material for articles, submitted by members and arranged by topic. click for more info

Look - appearance
Blab Blue will be upgraded, but still blue for Blab Traditionalists. Forum lines will round, forum info tidied up to current technology. Rather soon members will be able to pick other Blab color schemes for their personal viewing.

Look - forum layout
Navigation - an overdue upgrade for efficiency and access to all features
Organization - the same forums will be have some re-organization for logic and member interest
Articles will join Blog, Gallery and Chat as additional features, with free and paid features

A couple of perennial questions
What about paid subscription rates in 2010? No increase in paid subscription rates is anticipated. Again this year, new features as well as maintaining Blab is meeting cost control constraints.
Will Articles be free or paid? Articles will start as free to everyone. In time some or all will become paid features.

Welcome to Blab 2010 !!!