I have found out that a customer I have been dealing with (after being unreasonable and getting mad when I would not hold models unless she could get her payments out on time) I have found out she has numerous aliases and I have matched the IP addresses between the emails at least once for each name (she switches computers and uses her phone). Beware of Sharon Sargent, also going under these names: Bev Joos, Marilyn Williamson, Cheryl Williamson, Lynn Didomenico, Frances Lopez, Brenda Nipp, Ann Vann, Monica Gattis, Irene Underwood, and now Amy Jernigan. I have been told she sometimes uses hobbyists names since she cannot get people to agree to hold models with all of her negative feedback. Please beware of her. She has tried to put 500-600 models on hold and now she is doing it under misc. names. I have reported her to Yahoo, but we know that it is easy to open accounts through them.

Rebecca Jann