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Banner Advertising on Model Horse Blab

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Blab is the place to be seen!

Blab is a lively forum website with 1,000+ active members and 2.5+ million posts from every U.S. state, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, and locations throughout the world. It is not unusual to find 100+ registered members browsing Blab.

Scroll down below the forum main page to browse stats on current viewers.

Members express their passion for the hobby in an average 4,000+ posts weekly. Member’s interests cover virtually the entire range of the hobby, including manufactured plastics, artist resins, china, other artistic media, customizing, sales, live and photo showing, and making and showing tack and props, and more.

Where banners are seen on Blab

Blab banner ads can be seen in the upper right corner of all pages. Ads are rotated into the display each time a user navigates or performs an action on Blab. When a user clicks the ad display, the advertiser’s website is displayed.

In addition, a navigation link to "Advertisers" displays all a directory of all banners continuously. Anyone can find your ad at any time by following this link.

Rates for 2017

  • Live Shows & Photos Shows: FREE
  • $10 - 1 Month
  • $25 - 3 Months ($5 discount)
  • $50 - 6 Months ($10 discount)
  • $100 - 12 Months ($20 discount)
  • o Advertisers may run two banners at the same time. The the second ad is half price.


Click here to go to the Paid Subscription page.
Scroll down to the Banner Ad subscription options. Select your choice and follow the links to pay through PayPal.

If you prefer other payment options, email to make arrangements.

Your Banner Ad termination date will be visible at the top of the frame of the Paid Subscriptions screen (linked) (the screen where you paid for the ad.)

Start your banner ad

Once payment is made, send an email with the following information to

  • Banner ad file
  • URL to your site
  • Start date and term
  • Your name and your Blab username
  • Your preferred contact email address

Banner image file

  • 468 x 60 pixels, horizontal (standard banner size)
  • jpg, gif, png and other standard web image formats
  • single image, or multiple rotating images in one gif file

If you have multiple images you would like to rotate in your banner, but don't have the software to put them together in a single file, send me the image panels and I will assemble them for you at no charge. Be sure to number the panels in the order you want them to appear.

You may change your ad as often as you wish

Just send the updated ad file and url to

Options allowing independent ad changes

Several advertisers choose to host the banner file on their own server. Blab displays the banner from a url link to the file. This allows the advertiser to update the banner any time they wish without needing to email the file and wait for it to be uploaded on the Blab server. Use a generic filename that stays the same with each change to the banner ad. (The new file is saved over the old filename.)

We recommend maintaining the same url and generic page name for the linked web page, while making any changes you wish to the web page (such as new items or updated special offers). Any change to the click-through url must be changed on Blab itself, so at this time unfortunately it isn't possible to give advertisers independent editing of the url.

These options allow the advertiser to make changes independently while the ad is active. Several advertisers use this option to make frequent changes to their banner ad and to the click-through web page.

More information on Paid Subscriptions with Banner Ads

  • Banner ads now include a paid subscription for the duration of the ad.
  • Free members who pay for a banner ad through the Paid Subscriptions screen (linked)) (using Paypal) will be immediately promoted to paid membership.
  • Paid members
    • Current paid subs will have their expiration date extended by the term of the banner ad. For example, a purchase of a 3 month banner ad, with a sub expiring 7/1/2015, will have the sub expiration date extended to 10/1/2015 (regardless of when the banner ad runs).
    • The change in the current sub expiration date does not show up right away (your subs are shown at the top of the Paid Subscriptions screen (linked)). This change is done manually when the ad file is processed.
    • If the current subscription is an auto-renewal, the advertiser should consider cancelling it by following these instructions (linked) . If not cancelled, the automatic payment will be processed by the subscriber's Paypal on the previous expiration date. In this case, no subscription time will be lost, the expiration date will simply be extended further.
  • If for any reason there is a delay in the ad start (such as the administrator not being immediately available to process the ad file), both the banner ad and the subscription expiration dates will be adjusted accordingly. For example, if there is a 2 day delay in actual ad start, the expirations will be extended by 2 days.
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Thank you for advertising with Model Horse Blab!

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