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  1. April PIF Thread!!!
  2. April "I've Been PIFed" Thread!
  3. The world's oldest model horse?
  4. Question: Fixing a SM...
  5. Needing some ID help
  6. Is there a Repair Etiquette for Customs?
  7. Are these Carol Herden (sp) cows?
  8. My Ocean Side Live experience
  9. Question: Is this a metal copy of a resin....
  10. My Little Pony accessories question
  11. Blind bag etiquette?
  12. End of the Yvonne Doll?
  13. Have you ever bought something JUST for nostalgia?
  14. Should I reach out to a buyer on time payments?
  15. May Pay It Forward Thread!
  16. May "I've been PIFed!" Thread
  17. What did you NOT just buy?
  18. 50+ Shades of Bey!
  19. A Bay a Day
  20. Breyer Horse Play Card Game
  21. Scottsdale Stampede Entries are Open!
  22. Play set from the late 70's/ early 80's
  23. Prices of models...
  24. The Horse A Day Thread [version 2.0]
  25. Tea and Model Horses, Anyone?
  26. June"I've been PIFed" thread!
  27. June Pay It Forward Thread!
  28. New model horse podcast!
  29. Western Saddle - Rio Rondo
  30. Advice on a poorly packaged eBay purchase
  31. Do You Recognize Me?
  32. Schleichs!
  33. Anyone else having issues with the MH$P site?
  34. Basic Rules for Custom/Paint/Repair Jobs
  35. Help my model is turning pink
  36. online model sales and taxes?
  37. What size boxes?
  38. Selling Models That It Hurts to Part With.... :(
  39. Horse for barbie?
  40. The Last Unicorn Statue by Kristina Lucas!
  41. Question: Do you know anything about this horse?
  42. July Pay It Forward thread!!
  43. July "I've been PIF'ed" Thread!
  44. Stolen Models-- Please Keep an Eye Out!
  45. The most rediculous Conga Out there
  46. 2018 Spooky Swap is OPEN!!
  47. Thinning the herd - choosing between duplicates/variations
  48. August Pay It Forward Thread!
  49. August "I've been PIFed" Thread!
  50. Tell Me About the Breyer Boxer
  51. Details that ruin a model for you?
  52. Helping an international collector
  53. The Copperfox Guide website
  54. Displaying Models in Your Vehicle
  55. WANTED! Pictures of Your Magpie Models
  56. Question: Constantly Tacked Up
  57. September Pay It Forward Thread!
  58. September "I've been PIFed" Thread!
  59. Spooky Swap Thank You Thread
  60. IMG: Models They'd Have To Pry From Your Cold, Dead Hands
  61. Win a sm ar brio sombra
  62. Lady Phase Custom contest to benefit MEPSA
  63. So Why Do You Collect Model Horses?
  64. Ordering from Animal Artistry
  65. Show me your American Saddlebred (G2) customs
  66. Shelving Suggestions Needed
  67. MH$P Down?
  68. October Pay It Forward thread!
  69. October "I've been PIFed" thread!
  70. Your Wednesday Night Funny
  71. Want to show off your custom Midnight Suns?
  72. Show Your Swap Congas!
  73. Odd Models You Just Can't Part With
  74. Q for those who regularly sell models.
  75. Question: Is the hobby toxic?
  76. Halloween Pictures
  77. The 'joy' of collecting when you have a minimalist in the family.
  78. Ginger by Carol Williams
  79. What do you do when you run out of shelp space :(
  80. Show us your horse cakes!
  81. Best and Most Interesting Horse Braids and Decorations!
  82. November Pay It Forward thread!!!
  83. November "I've been PIFed" thread!
  84. My meme come to life!
  85. Question: Where can models be stored long term?
  86. Real horse looks like a model
  87. EEE My JAH Arrived!!!
  88. Free photo editing / organizing software
  89. Horse Hero's BF
  90. Model Cat identification needed
  91. Peter Stone Issues
  92. Wall Mounted Shelves?
  93. Very interesting website with scans of old model horse mags
  94. Breyer bubble?
  95. My Customs Were On TV!
  96. cool new items on the Breyer Website
  97. Tips for making pony pouches at home?
  98. Grand Champions model horses
  99. Show Off Your Holiday Model(s) & Setup(s)
  100. 12 days of Christmas within your collection
  101. December "I've been PIFed" thread!
  102. DOH--sorry! December Pay It Forward thread!
  103. Model Identification help please
  104. IMG: Anyone Remember This?
  105. Breyer pony pouches
  106. Christmas time new additions?
  107. Do Your Kids Collect Too?
  108. Using a gift card to buy on the Breyer site?
  109. 2019 Hobby Goals
  110. Switching e-mails for Collector's Club Account
  111. Model “namesakes”
  112. 2019 What's coming!! Swaps and secret santa schedule
  113. It's a new PIF year!!! January Pay It Forward Thread!!
  114. January "I've been PIFed" thread!
  115. Packing tips: Breyer wing removal?
  116. 1/6 Horses!
  117. What did you just sell 2019
  118. How to price CMs and ARs?
  119. Should have been in my mailbox almost a week ago!
  120. Medieval model horse collecting told through the Bayeux Tapestry
  121. What's coming- photo shows and contests!
  122. Custom Stablemate Contest!
  123. Don't Open Blind Bags until AFTER you buy them
  124. Breyer lamp
  125. Advice on how to art after work?
  126. Only way left to go is up LOL :)
  127. Found this little guy, but don’t know who he is...
  128. February Pay It Forward Thread!
  129. February "I've been PIFed" Thread!
  130. Andalusian braids question
  131. Days Gone figures :)
  132. Cursed with green
  133. 2019 Spring CM SM Swap is OPEN
  134. Removing Rosemary from Blister pack?
  135. MEPSA SM Custom Contest
  136. Blab Note - Stolen glossy black BF surprise model thread
  137. Another shelf up :)
  138. Stablemate shelf
  139. Box Missing - Likely Stolen - Feeling Upset :/
  140. Stands for Jumping Molds?
  141. Fabulous Finds 2019
  142. Show Locations and Dates?
  143. New BOOK REVIEW: Exploring The Model Horse Hobby
  144. Question: Any recommend books?
  145. Model Horse Place
  146. Question: Breyer club is it worth it?
  147. How do you tell people about your collection?
  148. March Pay It Forward thread!
  149. March "I've Been PIFed" Thread!
  150. Model horse (plus a few dogs and some other animals too) blogs. :)
  151. Well that's new
  152. 2019 Spring CM SM Swap Thank You Thread!!
  153. CM SM Contest- Please choose your favorite!!
  154. What breeds would you like to see more of as model horses?
  155. Stablemate shelf oh what to do :)
  156. Contest: May Medallion Madness!
  157. An Appy A Day Keeps the Doctor Away...Or Five!
  158. MEPSA Question
  159. May Medallion Madness Prizes Thread
  160. Meet and Great N.E. Ohio?
  161. MEPSA Contest - Mini Tack and Props of all sizes
  162. Is it possible to change the name on a Breyer CC account?
  163. Things went wrong
  164. Can you "fix" a bloaty?
  165. April Pay It Forward Thread!
  166. April "I've been PIFed" Thread!
  167. Why Do You Collect What You Collect?
  168. Schleich Shelving
  169. Something I Wish Existed...
  170. Favourite Finishwork Artists?
  171. Time to vote for your favorite Mini Custom - MEPSA
  172. Importing models into the US?
  173. MHSP replacement
  174. My Ocean Side Live Experience 2019
  175. May Pay It Forward thread!
  176. May "I've been PIFed!" Thread
  177. JAH Article Help
  178. Bev Danvers... Rest in peace
  179. Contest to Paint "Hero" ~ Arabian Horses for Humanity
  180. MEPSA Mini Tack and Props Contest - Ready for your vote!
  181. Question: What is going to happen to our Breyers due to China? Tariffs
  182. Odd request, advice appreciated
  183. Trouble With Model Horse Place Pictures?
  184. My Copperfox Conga Line
  185. June Pay It Forward thread!
  186. June "I've been PIFed" thread!
  187. Vote For Your Favorite May Medallion Madness Medallions! (Vote For 3)
  188. What 2019 BF models would you like to see as prizes for the summer photo show?
  189. Next Level of Model Horse Photography
  190. New Breyer Community Coordinator
  191. Remembering Marney Walerius Group and FUNDRAISER
  192. It's Happening This Year
  193. Mystery Horses
  194. July Pay It Forward thread!
  195. July "I've been PIFed" thread!!!
  196. Lost Models
  197. Spanish Models?
  198. Breyer documentary and horse-themed TV series
  199. Oily horse!
  200. Question: How do you pay for this hobby? Your thoughts on how others pay for it?
  201. IMG: Unboxing My Models
  202. Who Wore it Best Contest 2020
  203. Please leave me and my models alone
  204. Need advice :(
  205. Heat Wave and Model Horses
  206. 2019 Spooky swap is OPEN!! Sign up until July 31
  207. Toy Hall Of Fame
  208. Question about Premiere Ashquar
  209. What to do if USPS item is missing?
  210. MEPSA Tack Contest - Win an Anne Field doll!
  211. August Pay It Forward thread!
  212. August "I've been PIFed" Thread!
  213. Wanna do it again, N.E. Ohio ?
  214. Dilemma...
  215. Real Life Furano :-)
  216. You’re not going to believe this
  217. From Russia with Love.
  218. I Did A Thing! YES! A Breyer Bowl!
  219. Anyone know what became of D&H Custom Designs?
  220. September Pay It Forward thread!
  221. September "I've been PIFed" thread!
  222. Breyer Custom Question
  223. Selling many models and need value/selling advise
  224. What breeds would you like to see more of as model horses?
  225. Help with ID of custom artist ?
  226. Has anyone else noticed this?
  227. To customize or not?
  228. 2019 Spooky Swap Thank You Thread
  229. Breyer end-of-year catalogs
  230. Am I losing interest in collecting?
  231. October Pay It Forward thread!
  232. October "I've been PIFed" thread!!!
  233. Secret Santa sign ups are coming!!
  234. Tolland County Model Equine Swap Meet - Vernon, CT 11/16/2019
  235. Yahoo Groups closing down
  236. Testing new photo hosting website
  237. Opinion: Box or Unbox?
  238. MEPSA San Domingo Custom Contest - win a JUGGERNAUT
  239. IMG: Sgt. Reckless resin
  240. November PIF thread!
  241. Noember "I've been PIFed" thread!
  242. Collector's Club
  243. Am I just oblivious or is this something new for Breyer to do?
  244. NE Ohio Field Trip to Kraynak's?
  245. Finally he's out of the box! I like him more than I expected!
  246. Question: JAH 2019?
  247. Rant about the Vintage Club
  248. CC Appreciation?
  249. Special Model Horse "Finding" Stories!
  250. Special PIF Thank You