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  1. Shauna (Artist)
  2. Shauna (Artist)
  3. **TEST nothing for sale
  4. **TEST AUCTION look!
  5. Shauna (Pony Arist)
  6. UP/UP Windwalker Resin by Cantrell
  7. 2012 NAN Qualified Gizelle by Schick
  8. Blab's Eleda selling on ebay as stoneacreponies
  9. Glossy Pop the Corks - SOLD
  10. Pop The Cork Bay and Palomino 150.00 each - SOLD
  11. Just listed to Ebay. RARE and HTF Breyer Crescent City 2014 BEB SR Only 48 made!!! $50 No Reserve!! - SOLD
  12. Breyerfest 2014 Volunteer Breyer Model Horse Here's to You GORGEOUS!!!!
  13. Some OF horses to Ebay! Starting at $10 ea., Gooitzen, Marengo, and more! - SOLD
  14. PAMs and PASs to ebay! - SOLD
  15. The Trail of Painted Ponies Collection for Sale!
  16. OOAK Chalky Dappled Gray Hanoverian - No Longer Available
  17. HUGE Lot of 14 Breyer/Stone Model Horses $1 NR!! - SOLD
  18. NICE Lot of 20 Breyer Model Horses Traditional/Classics/Stablemates $1 NR!!
  19. Squashquar - No Longer Available
  20. Palomino Ronan by Eva Rossiter - No Longer Available
  21. Custom CM Maggie Bennett Micro Mini Appaloosa Draft Resin x Julie Cervantes on Ebay
  22. Cute women's western jeans on ebay - No Longer Available
  23. Two breyers horses and a dress for sale!
  24. Breyer Burbank on Ebay
  25. GLACIER Breyer Wedgewood Blue Antelope 1 of 40
  26. CMs for sale: Breyer Mini, G4 Frisian, Classic QH Mare, classic saddle
  27. OFFERS: Breyer Traditional Antelope Glacier - No Longer Available
  28. NIB Frankel to ebay
  29. "Raja" Red Dun Sabino Sarah Rose Mini Marwari by Christina Riley - On eBay Now!
  30. Auction cm western saddle
  31. Micro Western Horse breyer copy with sculpted saddle
  32. Custom Harness for Old Timer
  33. Newly finished Custom Barrel Set and a SM Custom Unicorn on Ebay!
  34. Breyer Custom Mare and Foal Stablemates on Ebay
  35. Auction Painted Oceania resin by Morgen Kilbourn
  36. Latigo
  37. Custom Pintaloosa Harley
  38. Custom dapple grey Sahran
  39. Reverse dapple blue roan SM foal on eBay!
  40. Custom white walker zombie and rainbow pegasus on Ebay
  41. Friesian, darfter and zombie sm customs on Ebay
  42. Breyer S Justadream for sale! Taking offers
  43. Lots of goodies listed to ebay!
  44. Breyer 2015 Holiday Horse Peppermint Kiss 700118
  45. Breyer Sonsela Bay Blanket Appaloosa Limited Edition Horse 701730
  46. Breyers and Stones on ebay
  47. FOR SALE: Sweet Home Chicago WADSWORTH Roemer Centerpiece! Run of 20!
  48. Breyer SR Nokomis Marabella
  49. Blabbers Special!
  50. Ohtellos on Ebay! $0.99 NR! Glossy Four Seasons CM Wintersongs
  51. NIB Glossy Winter Four Seasons Othello on EBay! $0.99 No reserve!
  52. Calling all CM'ers! Lot 13 Horses eBay Nokota Silver Lonesome Ethereal Bouncer $0.99
  53. Viajero Nokota Spotted on EBay!
  54. Lots of Horse-Shaped Objects and Horse-Related Goodies on Ebay
  55. OF Breyer and Stone Models on E-bay, end Sunday night.
  56. Unique Stone Chip on Ebay - Test? OOAK?
  57. Auctions ending tonight on Arabian tack!
  58. Breyer Novelisto D ends in 20 minutes
  59. Small Breyer Herd Reduction - 3 Auctions
  60. Special Runs, Web Specials up for Auction! Fontana, Astru, Milky Way
  61. OOAK Scratchy, Itchy CMed Pony! Nab a STeal! Ends in 6 hours!
  62. Offering Cocoa Beach for sale
  63. "Hellcat" Custom Breyer Ruffian to an angry biting mare! Ends in 2 day on ebay!
  64. Breyer Dapple grey chalky PAM ends in one day
  65. Breyer Proud Arabian Foal 39 Appalosa Foal Spot Ending TODAY
  66. OFFERS Pegasus sm custom friesian Tesseract
  67. Possible cull G1 Draft SM for sale on eBay! NR
  68. Custom SM ASB By Franceyn Dare Ending TONIGHT
  69. Breyer Crystal Nokota and Alborozo, Belle Meade and Plateado
  70. Rare Breyers & Stones End Friday
  71. 2008 Breyerfest Glossy Cheveyo For Sale!
  72. Buy One and Get on 15% Off Sale! Hundreds of Model Horses
  73. Custom Breyer Valegro by Deborah Brown On eBay
  74. Breyer porcelains and OFs on ebay
  75. Custom Breyer Swaps by Melanie Miller Ending Sunday
  76. Breyer Connoisseur Scallywag Listed To eBay
  77. Need Something For A Real Horse? I Have A Few Listings Up!
  78. Gauging Interest: Vintage Blood Horse Magazines
  79. Real Horse Albion Hunt Saddle To Ebay!
  80. Real Horse Western Saddle to Ebay
  81. Over 40 Breyer and Peter Stone Models on E-bay, some ending tonight (Sunday)
  82. My Doh! Sale. 2012 SR
  83. Copperfox Models 1-2 Hours left in auction to go!!!
  84. $0.99 No Reserve Breyer Eldora and Sol Decorator Cows on Ebay!
  85. SM Body Lot starting at $1.95
  86. Lots of goodies to eBay and MH$P!
  87. Body lots on EBay - incl. Alborozo!
  88. CM Etched TWH SM to Ebay! Really cute - check her out...
  89. Appydaze, Fox Valley Oliver + others on eBay!
  90. Breyer Callahan SR in Silver Bay posted to Ebay
  91. Breyer SM Belvedere to ebay!
  92. EBAY: JUSTIFY & Mike Smith... on repainted American Pharoah resin!
  93. EBAY: Alborozo body!
  94. Was someone looking for cows Heidi and Eidelweiss? On MHSP now
  95. Copperfox glossy Toby to ebay!
  96. Glossy Alabaster Semi-Rearing Mustang with Red Eyes on eBay!
  97. Web Special for Auction, also G1 stablemates
  98. Listed to ebay! OOAK LSQ Customs, Vintage Breyers, Chinas and More!
  99. Blue Bucky - up for offers on MH$P
  100. ALBOROZO, Dundee & Darwin, other SRs on EBay!
  101. BLUE BANNER - considering offers
  102. Charcoal Silver from Pegasus Treasure Hunt, Mirror Image, other rare/SRs
  103. Nokota conga, Collector’s Choice, SRs on eBay
  104. Spooky Stablemate Surprise Bats in the Belfry reiner on Ebay!
  105. Lots of goodies listed to ebay! Please check them out!
  106. Riegsecker's Flocked Hog on Ebay
  107. More goodies listed to ebay!
  108. Vintage Breyer Lassie / Rin Tin Tin and Hagen Renaker dogs listed to ebay!
  109. Baby Pegasus Active Auction
  110. Created a Facebook auction group for other figures
  111. FREE Breyer Collectors Manuals 1987, 1992 and 1993 Very Good Condition
  112. Going live on eBay TONIGHT (Feb 12) at 8:00 pm ET: STONE ARABIAN "HH MOONDARK"
  113. Lots of goodies listed to ebay! Please check them out!
  114. Redmond and Duwamish on MH$P
  115. PRE-SALE BreyerFest 2020 Single-Day Stablemates!
  116. On eBay: Breyer Crystal Horses Unbridled, Passion, Freedom, Charisma: ends Wednesday!
  117. On Ebay: Carol Williams 2nd Ed. Color Formulas & Techniques Model Horse Artist Book
  118. Orkney and bodies
  119. CCA Glossy Truly Unsurpassed
  120. Listed to eBay Molina & Masella ends this afternoon approx 3:30 EST
  121. BF Ash, Xavier, Gold Zebra