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  1. Should I cast my new sculpture?!
  2. Should I cast my new sculpture?!
  3. English saddle trees available soon....
  4. English saddle trees available soon....
  5. And last, but not least, an animation! (I'm so weird).. ;)
  6. And last, but not least, an animation! (I'm so weird).. ;)
  7. Update from D'ARRY JONE FRANK!!!
  8. Update from D'ARRY JONE FRANK!!!
  9. New Arabian mare resin by Sue Thompson
  10. New Arabian mare resin by Sue Thompson
  11. New Resin by LerMond!!
  12. New Resin by LerMond!!
  13. NEW SM Scale Resin Riders!
  14. NEW!! Sheryl Liesure sculpture
  15. End of Runs.....
  16. Prototype for New Trad Arab Hunter
  17. New Kentucky Reign photos (WIP)
  18. New Resin: Smokin' Hotchick by Sheri Rhodes
  19. actual PICTURE of new Carol Howard Arabian resin....
  20. NEW: Frederico by Sanne Winther
  21. New HorseModels.com Photo Gallery
  22. Kokomo!
  23. New Friesian Sporthorse Stallion
  24. To cast or not to cast
  25. Najim-al-Thawi
  26. New resin INDY! (sm arab mare)
  27. New Mini Resin by Candace Liddy!
  28. Yes, FOUR new Candace Liddy resins
  29. New resin new artist Cathy Bercier - Shire
  30. Frederico aka Phoenix rising from the fire
  31. Baladi Prototype (SM size finished)
  32. where do all the posts go????
  33. Paso mio
  34. Unpainted Frederico's available!!
  35. Kentucky Reign Master Resin
  36. Chris Jolly's new website and announcement list!
  37. Micro Minis--NOW AVAILABLE!!
  38. Kentucky Reign now shipping!
  39. NEW RELEASE Gypsy II by Laurie Jo Jensen
  40. Euro~ Upcomming release!
  41. New release Gypsy II by Laurie Jo Jensen
  42. First 2 Artist Choise Frederico's Available!
  43. PRE Casting sale - Constance ...
  44. New resins at Resins by Randy!
  45. Eye candy - 3 Carol Williams painted Dukes!!
  46. Invitation
  47. David my new trad warmblood
  48. Now Taking Orders
  49. "Gimli" now availible
  50. Euro's release date set....
  51. Gypsy II available in chestnut and black/white pinto
  52. Introducing "Fiesta"
  53. Mythos - SM Unicorn Resin Available for Orders
  54. New Resin Release! Dance Magic by Cara Barker
  55. Needing more members for my mini tack yahoo group
  56. Fieldstone Studio Books Open
  57. Verrocio is shipping/New painted resins for sale!
  58. Brand new Sporthorse/Polo Pony resins!
  59. I think I fixed it!
  60. updated site
  61. artist needed please
  62. Jethro, Traditional Shire stallion sculpted by Cat Bercier
  63. Kitty Cantrell Update
  64. Have you created a New Mini (Pebble/LS or smaller) scale resin???
  65. Kitty Cantrell situation
  66. NEW resin input needed
  68. Free giveaway
  69. Two New Minis
  70. A few slots still open and going fast...Fieldstone Studio...LSQ customs in pastels...
  71. Time flies once again...
  72. NOBLE ARISTOCRAT Hackney Horse - Early-Bird Special!
  73. AEGIS: New Arab Resin by Tiffany (Hoffman) Purdy!
  74. Boreas Percheron resin edition just about sold out
  75. 3B Designs Painting Slots - INFORMATION
  76. 10 Painting Slots available for Jennifer Wilson!
  77. Taking custom orders...
  78. ONE single repaint slot open for Cindy Evans of Knight's Tale Studios
  79. Taking a few last CM orders before I close my books
  80. Have a few painting slots open
  81. Still time to enter
  82. Gypsy resin w/$100 off coupon
  83. Slots Avalable for *** AMERICAN BASHKIR CURLY*** Custom Orders!!!!!
  84. Web site update
  85. kyg away for a week!
  86. Giveaway winner annouced
  87. New Shagya Resin Available (soon)
  88. New Website!
  89. Jethro pictures online now
  90. Some coming attractions! :) (painted Dukes)
  91. Paint Slots available from Jahlee
  92. New SERIES of Mini Tennessee Walking Horses
  93. Will Paint Your Khemosabi for free...
  94. New Resin foal by Chris Jolly
  95. 4 tack slots left for this year then books close!!
  96. New value priced Friesian resin
  97. Boreas Percheron resin edition officially sold out
  98. update
  99. LSQ Arab Halter 4 Sale, Others AVAILBLE
  100. Irwin of Elven Star Design taking CM orders!
  101. Tack slots open....
  102. free paintjob contest
  103. Fleabitten Duke's pics FINALLY... @auction in next day or so.. (hopefully!)
  104. new yahoo group
  105. Interested in a new QH/Stock Horse Resin?
  106. BOREAS resin affected by bad MVS resin batch
  107. Website Update, and new horses for sale!
  108. Taking Pre-Orders on Aviance Stablemate
  109. Aelwyd Studio's summer Lottery have started!
  110. Cat Bercier featured in Judge's Choice!!!
  111. 7 Traditional Sized Custom Slots Available NOW!!
  112. Grand Prix Studios is now Chinook Studios!
  113. Artists wanted
  114. SM Breakable Mavericks Now Available!
  115. NEW LOWER PRICES on our Stablemate TWH series!
  116. NEW LOWER PRICES on our Stablemate TWH series!
  117. New Artist!
  118. New Stablemate from JAHLEE
  119. CM Verroccio coming!
  120. Jennifer Wilson's Email address....
  121. Sidhe Productions NEW STUFF..Hehehe
  122. Huge website update
  123. Aelwyd Studio website is now updated
  124. New Website! (finally...)
  125. JI website Finally updated!
  126. Being DISCONTINUED at Jahlee...
  127. Announcement group for Lexie Lawrynovicz!
  128. Danelle Gatcombe -- announcement group!
  129. Prepping Workshop Weekend! Something for everyone!!!!! :)
  130. Faye Cohen ~ Ansata ~ What's New Updated!
  131. Web site updates: Gallery pictures and 3 new sculptures in progress
  132. Half Fast Farms Myla Pearce two paint slots
  133. NEW RELEASE from Maggie Bennett
  134. Two new resins - Have Blue and Fly By Wire
  135. A new Russian has come to town - CONSTANTIN!
  136. New foal resin release "Say Hello"!
  137. Western Performance Doll
  138. Searcher studio is moving
  139. New release from Josine Vingerling
  140. Only one test run color Gypsy II left
  141. Maggie Bennet's work in Equine Images
  142. Sneak Peek
  143. First Fred artist copies up!
  144. Anniversary Lottery for 2 free CM's by TCS
  145. New Arabian mare - Amirah
  146. Breyerfest Auction 100% Donation - Champagne MFT
  147. Atten: LB/SM/Micro resin artists
  148. New Resin Release: Stock Horse by Kjelshus- available now!
  149. Khemosabi resin at auction
  150. Sneak peek at new sculpture
  151. My darling fellow hobbyists.... i am retireing.....
  152. Open Studio Day
  153. New Resins from Liddy and...
  154. EquinArt's 2005-2006 product line
  155. Slots open for summer
  156. Since there's no more HA (ad)
  157. One slot open for a CM saddle set!
  158. Lottery pages are up!
  159. Insanity
  160. Boreas sculpture accepted to Art At The Classic juried show
  161. summer slot sale 15% off
  162. Unicorn Woman Kit Pages Update, FAQ added
  163. Cafe Press shop
  164. Fly By Wire and Have Blue - Round 2!
  165. Desert Night Creations Tack announcement only Group
  166. October Farms model Tack Emporium's Books are now Open
  167. The Outlaw Artisans!
  168. New resin - nearly sold out - taking orders from general public starting today! :)
  169. Fly By Wire and Have Blue, Round 2 SOLD OUT!
  170. Custom Books Open August 1!
  171. Enter to Win FREE Unpainted Akhal-Teke Resin! Friday Deadline!
  172. Ruffian Remembered
  173. Jethro BRONZE accepted into The Art at The Classic!
  174. MINI OPTIME a GO!
  175. Oil Artists??
  176. Bone China Deputed Duke ready to order!
  177. Boreas sculpture in AAEA fall equine juried show, too!!
  178. Mini Optime Update
  179. CHRIS NANDELL Now booking CM Painting orders!
  180. Woohoo!
  181. New Horses in our Gallery!
  182. Four Etching SLots Open
  183. Custom books are open
  184. Anyone Interested in.........
  185. Announcement Group for Arabian Costumes and Finishwork
  186. got sunglasses?
  187. Cooper and Waddie And....at Breyerfest!
  188. Shameless Plug: Sept Custom Order Slots #1 and #2 now OPEN! :)
  189. New China Releases from HA
  190. New Resin Releases from HA
  191. "Why doesn't she write back!?!"
  192. Eddie & a new mini at Breyerfest
  193. NAN Auction lot by Mel Miller
  194. Ponypainter Studio Slots Open!
  195. Website and studio updates
  196. Constance Artist Proof #1
  197. Chinook Studios / Mel Miller CM Books Now Open!
  198. BIG update(s)...
  199. NEW Micro Minis Are Now Available!
  200. My NAN Auction donation pics... (yippee finally!)
  201. SERGEI is now available!!!
  202. A Call to Artists: AQHA Racing World Champion Trophy
  203. Most of my auction lot:
  204. 3B Designs - opening up for custom orders!
  205. What would you like to see?
  206. New Website and open books
  207. NAN auction piece - final pics up!
  209. Mini Optime Resin Update
  210. New Marwari Resin - Sanskrit!
  211. New! TWH In Progress, Pix In Thread!
  212. Bay Tango - For Sale!
  213. Hand Embroidered Arabian Costumes from Tabletop Studios--2 slots available
  214. EL EMBOSCO!!!
  216. Slots Opening Up From Tropicalcross Studios
  217. GORGEOUS Chestnut Arabian!!!
  218. Custom Books Open!
  219. NAN Sale Preview!
  220. If you love Ramses...You'll ADORE Eden!
  221. JAHLEE Painting slots opening....
  222. Eden is shipping!
  223. NAN Auction entry from HA is Showman by Kathi Bogucki
  224. Orders on Hold till compressor problem fixed....help...
  225. Last call for the prepping workshop!! I have to order tools soon!
  226. Minkiewicz-Breunig Spinnaker resin by Blaylock - Last day to Proxy Bid!
  227. New Mini Nahar
  228. New Painted Resins & the First painted Eden!
  229. 3B Designs - September Painting Slot!!!
  230. Mini Optimes on view at NAN
  231. StableMate Preping for free !!!! L@@K Im in a very good mood so hurry while you can
  232. New-old SM Fantacy Custom! (Pyrite Prince)
  233. Another new-old custom! (Apple Jacks)
  234. Sanskrit resin now available!
  235. Paola HARTLAND "Lost Treasure" Lipizzan executing the Caprioles
  236. New-old SM Fantacy Custom! (Sudden Digression)
  237. Kathleen Kirch Update
  238. New-new Custom from SRS (SM Unicorn!)
  239. New-old Custom from SRS (SM Warmblood)
  240. New-old Custom from SRS (SM Warmblood to Polo Pony!)
  241. Unloading my workbench in one Swell Foop!
  242. Fly By Wire and Have Blue - Round 3!
  243. Arabian Acres announcement
  244. Upcoming Sarah MB Taboo for sale!
  245. Update: donating the other 50% of NAN package to a hurricane charity - need ideas
  246. RESIN SALE and NEW RESINS at EquinArt
  247. Another Bosco WHOO HOO
  248. updates from Crazyhorse Studios
  249. Mini Optime on a Base Option
  250. cheap resin Veillantif blanks!