1. NAN 2014 Already?!

    Haven't blogged here in awhile so forgive the jump in date. :uh

    First, I'll start with an update of sorts.
    I recently completed my second medallion Miss FabMULEous, the sparky little mule foal. Very happy with how this cute little one came out. Right now, you can order your very own Miss FabMULEous through my website. (I also have a micro sculpt done and in the casting process but they will need alot of work before sales).

    [IMG][/IMG] ...

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  2. A Big Olí Thank You As 2013 Comes To A Close

    So this year was not one of the best. There were many life changes that started to take effect but not after many breakdowns and stress. We lost some close friends and family members this year and even though the pain lessens with time, thereís no forgetting how much joy, laughter and life they added to mine and they will always have a special place in my heart. So Iíd like to take a moment to remember; Gail Levin, Charlie Umbach, and our cat, Kiwi. Iím hoping 2014 will bring better things ...

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  3. I Created A Little Champ!!

    I am SO SO SO SO SO Excited to announce that little Cookies N' Cream (aka Deucalion) that I painted won Champion in his Breed at NAN! Woo Hoo!! He's a national champ! Way worth all the trouble he put me through when painting him. He sure was a fighter!

    Thanks for giving him such a loving home and lettin' him strut his stuff in the ring, Stacey! I am over the moon in excitement!

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  4. How Did It Come To This?!


    Did a touch of organizing/cleaning the other day and how did it come to this?!!! These are all of *my* Resins (doesn't count the ones here on commission). I seriously have to start getting clothes on my guys soon before I go insane! There's just not enough time in the day! I haven't really had time to work on stuff for me since Hurricane Sandy. UJ will be my first in the painting ...

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  5. Exciting Wins!!

    I'm so excited to announce that little Pepper and Althena did very well at The MidWinter's Night Ball Live Show in workmanship! (Special Thanks to their owner Lauren Davis for letting these babies strut their stuff and reporting back the good news :))


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