1. Home


    Home is supposed to be where you live, but that's not always true.

    Home isn't the dorm I live in.

    Home isn't these four walls, walls postered with pictures that are supposed to represent me.

    Home isn't a bed, dresser, and desk that look just like the ones on my roommate's side of the room, like all of the others in this building.

    Home isn't a single window overlooking a concrete world.

    Home isn't a ...
  2. Non-Model Horse Fun: Knitting

    So I'm pretty proud of myself right now... I finished making a pair of socks for my mom after about four months. Lol. The first pair I made took a couple of months. Why did this one take so long?

    Two words: Summer vacation.

    Knitting is a school hobby. I don't really work on it at home-- I'm not bored there! Horses, kittens, my collection; there's always plenty to do. Here, I have classes, the gym, and.... That's about it. My friends and I go out, but I get out of class ...