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    Mary adds ...
    Here is a link to some studies on how much color horses see. They do not distinguish red as clearly - perhaps that is why Phil stares more are red & white poles on the approach to a jump than he does blue & white poles. Who knows! Horses can tell us only through their behavior.

    " "It's not that they don't 'see' red," says Dr Carroll. "They just can't discriminate in the red/green region of the spectrum. They are also slightly less sensitive to red light." "

    "Human dichromats who have inherited red-green colour vision defects - commonly referred to as colour blindness - indicate that instead of having four basic colors, they have only two hues, the ones most similar to blue and yellow."

    "It is not, however, an exact science. ... Many questions remain."

    Another study I don't have a link to right now says that horses can distinguish more colors in a spectrum if they are placed next to certain other colors. Perhaps that is why many horses take extra notice of very colorful jumps. And why Phil took such strong exception to the 3 ordinary red & orange jumps in one course. (And btw I thought the brick wall above was rather nice. Phil was giving as much distance as he could manage.)
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    The crisis must truly be lightening up, the pundits seemed to have more time today to post-mortem the last 30 days, with a machete. Instead of reeling from the disaster du jour. Today it is all because the Feds didn't bail out Lehman. Of course at the time (4 weeks ago) it was very American to let the free market take its toll and not bail out extravagantly over-paid executives.
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    "Who started the financial crisis?" According to TV/newspapers, it's those evil mortgage brokers. My hubby and I chuckle every time we hear that on TV because he IS an "evil" mortgage broker. I sometimes point and yell, "It's all YOUR fault Breyers are more expensive!" Not to make light of our country's awful mess, but I gotta laugh once in a while. BTW, hubby agrees with your post!
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    I'm posting a comment to my own blog entry. comment comment comment ...