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  1. Blab Aug 2009 - almost Sept.! General updates

    I haven't kept up with what's intended to be Blab's own blog ... but I will try to drop in a little note from time to time. It has been awhile since Blab management has updated the public on what is happening behind the scenes.

    Blab has had a bit of a management re-org, and already we have more members involved in more focused projects, sometimes on a temporary basis.

    The primary "moderator" staff is always on view through the link from the top blue bar, Contact ...

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    Behind the Scenes at Blab
  2. Phil's thoughts on show jumps

    Hi there,
    Iím Phil, an 11-year-old chestnut TB, and I do eventing. Mary is my rider. And owner, which means Mary is in charge of buying me things.

    I just want to say a few things about show jumps that all course designers should keep in mind. Mary says all I need to think about is how high and how wide, but Iíve jumped a lot of them and I know a few things.

    The right colors for show jumps are either blue and white or green and white. All other colors are ...
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  3. Opportunity for those who could use an opportunity

    Deflation has an upside for people who aren't usually on the winning side of national economic troubles. Stuff is cheaper - little and big stuff. The housing market is devaluing? Buy more house for less money - buy a house, period, for people with some savings but not alot. Trade in the clunker for a better car than could be afforded earlier. Wal-Mart and Target have already permanently lowered prices - they may do another round. And so on. There is a silver lining ...
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  4. What the next POTUS could do to the economy

    Recently many prominent economists say that the govít policies enacted since mid-Sep. to rescue the financial implosion are working. Stopped a crash that could have triggered another Great Depression. They believe these actions will put the U.S. and global economy back on a strong recovery starting this spring. Forbes, Wall St. Journal, non-columnists, etc.

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  5. Hey there bloggers! Do you know if others can see your blog?

    Blab blogs aren't viewable by other members until the blog owners change some settings.

    Click here for more info - see the 2nd item, making your blog viewable.

    And if you've just made it viewable, you can post in this link and let Blab know.

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