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  1. Who started the financial crisis?

    I donít know, actually. Iím not sure the factoids I know really answer the question. The answer may belong to the future, when a better historical view is available.

    A lot of people blame an administration and Congress with a preference for less regulation and/or a laissez-faire attitude toward the markets. However Ė in the context of the history of this decade Iím not sure how much sense this makes.

    The last meltdown during 2000-2002 was based on the collapse of ...
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  2. Want a good deal on a posh car? Be at Wall St 7 am after the crash

    Itís a tradition after a major market crash. Traders desperate to make margin calls will be out in parking lots and sidewalks in lower Manhattan before the financial institutions open. Standing on the hoods of Porsches and BMWs calling for offers, hawking Rolex watches, diamond rings, Super Bowl tickets, fur coats Ö all big-ticket items, of course. Cash on the spot (well ok certified check,) in the tens of thousands of dollars. What a flea market! Traders, of course, trade on credit, just like ...
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  3. Training at Mile Hi Horse Ranch - but no Abby

    (Phil is my 10 yo gelding chestnut TB eventer - actually we aren't at a very high level but working hard )

    Hauled Phil to a training session at the cross-country course at a place near "my" barn called Mile Hi.

    Phil's usual trailer companion Abby didn't go as she and her owner/rider Krissy were at an event in Wyoming. Phil trailers fine by himself, but he and Abby love each other and he hasn't gone anywhere without her in several months.


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  4. Prediction for the next POTUS

    Welcome to Election 2000, excuse me I mean 2008

    This is my swag estimate of how the electoral college will come out, based on CNN polling data as of today.

    (All states except Maine and Nebraska cast 100% of their electoral votes to the winner of the state popular vote. Maine (4) and Nebraska (5) have a procedure that allocates the votes.)

    According to my dig into the numbers, once again the voting-problem-plagued state of Florida could decide the election. ...

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    Election 2008 - POTUS
  5. Studying the electoral college votes

    CNN has the best stats easily accessible to regular people. Based on some poll or other they've allocated all the states and their electoral votes as committed, leaning and undecided for each of the candidates.

    According to the CNN map, based on committed and leaning states, both candidates need less than 100 more electoral votes to win.

    The 'undecided' state that could decide it all - FLORIDA. Geez Luweeze. Betting the voting machines are not really any ...
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