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  1. Ah, to be a child again

    I found "Snoopy, Come Home" on DVD at the library last weekend, purely by accident. It's one of those things that I watched as a kid - hey, I watched EVERYTHING Snoopy. I believe I even cried during it, prompting my Mom to tell my Dad that I'd be fine.

    Since it's been a sucky-ish week, I am SO glad I'm sitting here, watching it. (Well, doing some design work too but still...) Snoopy plain makes me happy and it's not Christmas without the Peanuts Christmas Special.
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  2. Painting A...


    Yes you read that right, I am painting a trad resin.

    I can already hear the resin collectors screaming, "You did what? Who was it? Is it still/going to be Ok?"

    Never fear you resin people, the pony should be OK... Maybe...

    Well, just thought you all should be forewarned.

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  3. Photoshopping...

    Why am I addicted???

    Have I unearthed that artistic part of me that was supressed by my year nine art teacher HATING everything I did??? lol!!

    Or is it due to the fact the Aussie dollar buys less of the ole US one that means Bel Bel is not buying many models???

    Ah well, whatever it is I don't mind - it's LOTS OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And all my friends want some done - lol! Keeps me out of mischeif and off the streets... *nods*

  4. Miss Kitten

    Well - once again the human race failed me with the idiot who ran my poor cat Ashley over.... *cries*....

    They left her for dead in the middle of the road where someone else could have run her over.... If they had BOTHERED to stop and check they would have seen she has a collar with a tag - on the tag are my home AND mobile phone numbers.... A phone call would have been nice....

    Just as well we were not too far off from being home (we'd been away visiting family) ...
  5. Egads I've not been utilising the Blab Blogosphere

    lately! EEEEEEEEP!

    LAZY me!

    Well, since I've been 'cleared' due to my ultrasound, and am NOT going to have something break anytime soon :-) I suppose I should be happy bout that-it just bugs me that I don't know what went wrong, and if it's gonna happen again...

    I've been starting to excercise again! WHEEEEEEEEE!

    This after a looooong absense. YIKES!

    Rode my bike a few miles today and MAN, was I tired, I could tell that I haven't ...