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  1. Rise from the Ashes

    ([I]Warning, Long, Semi-Personal Story coming up... read at your own risk, prepare to be bored[/I])

    So, once more I find myself staring at this familiar text box, plumming my mind for the right words to put in line with the feelings I have running through my mind.

    I have not posted in a few years due to an awful and very personal injustice being dealt to me by none other than the company that I used to openly and proudly defend with both my words and my pocketbook. I was ...

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  2. Craving Carnage

    I can't wait to graduate and come home and customize some horses(and job hunt of course). I told myself that I wouldn't start any new projects until I finished one of my MANY WIPS. My aunt recently found an old jumper at Salvation Army for me and I couldn't help doing some photoshop customization. The picture is courtesy this blog here ==>

  3. To Collect List / Wishlist

    I figured this was as good of place as any to write up a wishlist/future buy list! This way I can access it from anywhere as long as I have internet :P.

    Since I'm just starting out collecting, so this is probably going to be a bit long, haha.

    I plan to mostly collect traditional scale models but some classics, stablemates, and minis might end up on here too. If they're on my list, I'm probably looking for at least PSQ ^^. I'm also always looking for any scale, any mold ...

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  4. NAN 2014 Already?!

    Haven't blogged here in awhile so forgive the jump in date. :uh

    First, I'll start with an update of sorts.
    I recently completed my second medallion Miss FabMULEous, the sparky little mule foal. Very happy with how this cute little one came out. Right now, you can order your very own Miss FabMULEous through my website. (I also have a micro sculpt done and in the casting process but they will need alot of work before sales).

    [IMG][/IMG] ...

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  5. Classifieds

    Am I doing something wrong? I'm new to modelhorseblab and I'm a paid subscriber but when I click on CLASSIFIEDS, I get this message: [h=1]Not Found[/h][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Times New Roman]The requested document was not found on this server.

    [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Times New Roman][I]Web Server at

    [SIZE=2][FONT=arial]HELP! What is causing this to happen? is it something I'm not doing correctly? Thanks in advance for any input on this ...