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  1. My First Completed Medallion!

    I was itching to play with my smooth-on starter kit I had received last Xmas so I finally sat down and sculpted this little piece. I present to you, [I]Shinrin[/I], the woodland unicorn! [I]Shinrin [/I]seemed to be a fitting name for this little Fantasy Forest King. It means "wooded area" or "forest" in Japanese. He's available unpainted/unprepped for a very low ppd price. I can also paint one up for you as well! If you're interested, please feel free to contact me any time ...

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  2. Frustration with Primer

    I have had an enormous amount of inspiration and an overwhelming desire to pastel the horses that are piled in my body box. Primer gets in the way every single time! I have bought four cans of primer and each keeps going on gritty! Two different brands: Krylon and Rustoleum, four cans total, same problem. I don't know if its my spraying technique or the weather. I shake the cans for 3 minutes, I hold the horses 6-8in away from the can, I check the weather. Same result! It goes on gritty and with ...
  3. The Black Hole Collector (what type are you?)

    It sounds so cryptic, doesn't it? But, recently I realized I am one of those "black-hole collectors" that I've often heard about. The term came about when a collector and her friend found out I had purchased a custom that they had been interested in. They saw what I had the high bid and won the horse. Then, the comment was made to me: "Well I guess I'm just going to have to order a similar one, because Pompeii's bookshelves are like black holes. Once she buys a horse, I never see ...
  4. I've Designated 2012 June-July-August as Super Summer!

    Welcome to my blog!

    I've determined that 2012 June-July-August is my Super Summer. I have very specific goals in mind, and I will... yes, WILL do my best to accomplish those goals this year!

    What goals?

    1. Start a kettlebell workout and keep up with it
    2. Stay on top of my nutritional goals (I've gone Paleo -- anyone have any thoughts on it?)
    3. Work on general personal appearance "upgrades" (hands, nails, hair, make-up)
  5. The Special One

    I recently traded a model for in exchange for a model I was dying to have for months. A friend had purchased a model from the Stone Company for me, treating it like a no-interest layaway. When I had the money, I would purchase the horse from her. I was very glad she struck this deal with me, as I had this horse on layaway once before and couldn't afford her. Every time a sale would pop up I would watch my One of a Kind Performance Horse's price drop and I thought "Surely, this would be the ...