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What the next POTUS could do to the economy

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Recently many prominent economists say that the gov’t policies enacted since mid-Sep. to rescue the financial implosion are working. Stopped a crash that could have triggered another Great Depression. They believe these actions will put the U.S. and global economy back on a strong recovery starting this spring. Forbes, Wall St. Journal, non-columnists, etc.

>> IF <<
IF the next U.S. administration doesn’t slow down the recovery with regulations and taxes. THAT could seriously unhinge the works. The next 6-9 months are the critical period for the economic future of the next 5 years.

My crystal ball shows these possible future news items in the summer of 2009:

“President Obama backs away from campaign promises. … Pres. Obama states that the American taxpayer can’t afford the tax increases needed to cover promised programs while the U.S. gov’t continues to absorb losses from write-downs of bad mortgages designed to keep homeowners in their houses. The increase in the deficit since he assumed office is restraining Pres. Obama’s ability to deal with the uneven economy and deliver on programs and tax cuts. “We’ll do it later” he says. “I know Americans have been through a lot, but the time of belt-tightening isn’t over.” Obama was reluctant to pinpoint a date when the downturn might begin to reverse.”

“President McCain announces tax cuts to further stimulate the economic recovery … Pres. McCain states that continuing both a restrained approach to gov’t programs and targeted tax cuts will keep money in the hands of American consumers. These funds will help cover mortgage payments and further contribute to the growth in process since the spring of 2009. “It is true that the gov’t owned bank assets acquired in the fall of 2008 continue to loose value, but we understood this as the cost of the bailout and have planned accordingly. Employment is up as are wages, the dollar is stronger and the balance of trade is improving. Most Americans are experiencing better times as the recovery started in the spring of 2009 continues to gain momentum.” “

'Course there's no way to know how accurate is the crystal. Just a peek ...

Oh yeah, here's the warning label: Shameless policital plug.