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Blab Aug 2009 - almost Sept.! General updates

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I haven't kept up with what's intended to be Blab's own blog ... but I will try to drop in a little note from time to time. It has been awhile since Blab management has updated the public on what is happening behind the scenes.

Blab has had a bit of a management re-org, and already we have more members involved in more focused projects, sometimes on a temporary basis.

The primary "moderator" staff is always on view through the link from the top blue bar, Contact Us. Both for the main forum and for the Youth forum.

In addition several members have begun assisting with more focused areas, not as "moderators" but as staff or helpers. Some will be helping newbies integrate with Blab (40+ forums can be a little overwhelming!) some will temporarily help on things like the recent photo shows (thanks so much ladies you did an awesome job!) A couple of people are looking at options to improve the Youth forum. Other projects are planning!

More on all this later, but that's a little snapshot.

I would like very much to see Blab grow in 3 ways - membership, features and service to the hobby. Gradually! Allowing more members to assist as staff and helpers on more focused areas will allow us to do more with the existing features such as Gallery and Chat.

Projects for adding features ... what features? ... well I don't want to promise but we're looking at possibilities for a wiki and ... well stay tuned. (Yeah I know there are some model wikis out there ... perhaps Blab can add something of value ... )

Techie Stuff
Keeping Blab's software up-to-date, putting Blab on generous server space to allow us to keep history while expanding and adding photos and fun stuff, have some extras ... and keeping it all cost-friendly ... all are primary goals for helping Blab to be all it can be for the members. And hopefully, always, without raising paid sub rates - so far so very good there.

The software provider has been very excited about a new major upgrade release they are planning in the next few months. They have not given much information on what will be added as they are frankly seeing how many great ideas can be done at one time. Cool new stuff for Blab is pending more info from the provider. Likely Blab implementation is sometime between November and February, depending on the actual release date. They are in the final testing stages now but are keeping their options open on the release date.

Just some notes for you!

If members have any questions
they are curious about, wonder about, would like to ask ... pm me.
I will be glad to answer all that I can answer ... and I may post the answers here.

Cuz others may be wondering the same thing.

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