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More Blocks for The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

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I've been reading the letters in the book and am enjoying them. The style of writing was quite different in the 1920's.

Last week, I finished Block 10, Bowtie. Lots of dolka dots. :) The pattern calls for piecing the center from four triangles, which I did; however, in English paper piecing, the center is a square. I can't help but look at blocks and break them down for English paper piecing.


I finished Block 5, Bat Wing, yesterday. I struggled with the colors. The red is more tomato colored then I thought when I bought it. I call this my grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. :) I'm pleased with how my points meet.


And my five completed blocks thus far.

I'm excited that I've been able to finish this many. I'm struggling with fabric and color choice as well as execution, but, I'm having fun. Well, when I'm not cursing. :lol My class meets next Tuesday, so I will get patterns for the next ten blocks.
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