The Struggles of Collecting in College

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I have a basement and a bedroom full of plastic (and 3 resin) ponies. After some number crunching, I discovered that I own 150+ models and way too many bodies.
So you guys can all feel my disappointment when I toured Darton State College to discover that the dorms do not have any shelves. None. At all. Sure, I have my own bedroom and bathroom. Okay, fine, there's free wifi and freshmen can bring their cars. Moral of the story is that I have no space for the herd.
However, I couldn't just NOT bring a horse, so I compromised and brought what could fit in my car. (aka 3. That little car was filled past capacity)
Anyway, here is my desk herd!

The Gem Twist is named November Rain
The Andalusian is Levon
Autumn Shimmer is named Panama

I think that bringing the Wixom was not a very wise decision because she feels that she is entitled to the entirety of my desk.

Lately, I've really missed the model horse hobby, and the fact I left for school the day before the South Jersey Classic made me rather upset. So I took a trip to TSC and I bought another desk pony.


To my delight, he is almost flawless! His name is Soul Kitchen, and this purchase made me realize something important.
I, Maddie, have decided that I like Original Finish Stablemates. Unless they have those ugly Appaloosa blobs all over their butt.
Custom Stablemates make up a large percentage of my showstring, but I never really appreciated the value of OF SMs until I looked at my receipt and saw how much cheaper it was than the really pretty Harley D Zip next to it.

Anyone else have a soft spot for Stablemates??
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