Homeless and scared

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Recently pyykthorsey and I moved out of our apartment in Wakefield because we felt unsafe. Someone had thrown firecrackers at our window while we're sleeping. They also knocked on our window while we're sleeping and our door at two in the morning. So we made the decision to move into a failing motel with an elderly man who is buying it on land contract. That was working well until week ago. The owner was drinking and talking to my husband about it, trying to justify his drunkenness. Pyykthorsey didn't call him a drunk, but did tell him the only person he had to justify his drunkenness with was himself; and the guy blew up! Started screaming "get the f out my house" my husband calmly said no and the guy ordered him to go to bed! My husband came outside where I was sitting ad the owner followed, still yelling; which scared me to the point I was shaking. The owner went back inside and I called the cops. They came and talked to us and advised us to spend the night else where. We did. The next morning we went back to talk to the owner about getting our stuff. My husband quietly went inside, the owner didn't hear him, and the guy said "I'm going to send those * * a bill!" My husband said "Your going to send who a bill?" and the guy exploded again! He threatened pyykthorsey with harm. So the police were called again. They showed up. And an agreement was made we have 30 days to get our stuff out. We talked to the local St Vincent de Paul (like Salvation Army) and we were given a week in a motel, different one mind you. As of Friday we will be on the street, sleeping in the car. I'm not asking for money just prayers.


  1. Ghost_Wolf_Ranch's Avatar
    I'm so sorry. Good luck to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost_Wolf_Ranch
    I'm so sorry. Good luck to you.
    thank you
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    That's so terrible! :( I hope you find a good place to live soon.