I am not entirely sure where to post this. But I need advice. Has anyone ever had USPS drop a package off, and then come back to the porch and take it back...?

Asking because I had a very, very expensive model arrive Saturday. I'm 3rd shift and was asleep, did not hear the door. The USPS worker dropped it off, marked it as delivered. Walked back to her vehicle, and then ran back across the road to pick up the package and take it back to the truck. I have the whole thing on video thanks to Ring. She seemed to read something before she took it.

The only thing I can think of is...USPS requires a signature on any package insured for more than $500 which this one is. And maybe she forgot, panicked and took it back to be redelivered...? She didn't leave a notice...and the tracking still says delivered. I posted the video in the Facebook group Model Horse Addicts if anyone is interested.

I am so, so hoping the PO will attempt to redeliver today. If not I am marching straight to the office with the video and the tracking information and demanding answers. I have never had this happen before.