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So, update. Thanks to a kind hobbyist by the name of Angela who works at USPS, I was able to receive my package. She took time out of her workday to look it up internally and contact the supervisor of my local PO.

What happened was...the carrier dropped it off on my porch, forged my signature, and left it. Then had a change of heart and decided that wasn't the thing to do and took it back for redelivery. My forged signature was in the system, so it would have been difficult to get things moving when the system showed it was delivered and a person with my name signed for it...

Either way. The carrier personally delivered the package to me shortly after the call was made to the PO supervisor. Was informed the carrier is new and learning the ropes. No harm done this time but hopefully she doesn't do that again! Just glad to have my model and in one piece. If it wasn't for the help of that hobbyist, I would have had a much harder time and I am blown away by her kindness.

Picture of my graily boy included!

beautiful model, and sooo glad it worked out.. Seems a GOOD reason for a RING type system!