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Blab maintains the principle of respectful but honest expression of opinions, with the least possible moderator intervention. Members are expected to show tolerance for a wide diversity of views, on topics focusing on model horses and also ranging from pets to current events. Blab’s membership is primarily adult, although youth 13 and up are welcome. All members are expected to conduct themselves with maturity and poise. Please read the FAQs-Rules and click the Forums link to learn more.
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Blab paid membership features your own Blog, Gallery space for uploading your photos, and use of Blab's Chat Room. Paid members can select their own colors for their Profile Page, use their own avatars (small pictures under the user’s name in their posts) and profile pictures, and other customizable ID features.
Model Horse Blab was started in September of 2003, and today has over 1,000 active members from several countries. Blab discusses a wide range of hobby topics.
Blab welcomes youth members 13 and up. Most members are adults, and often discuss adult topics in open forums. All members are expected to show maturity in adult conversations. Parents, please click here for more information.
Blab has a Youth Forum where expectations are more relaxed and access is restricted to members 18 and under and a few adult mentors and staff. Members 18 and under also have access to all the free and/or paid forums, depending on their paid membership status. Please note that the free, all-access forum "General Off-Topic " attracts adult-oriented discussion. More egregious language is not allowed in youth-accessible forums, but light swearing is allowed.
Parents are encouraged to browse the forums and decide what level of participation is appropriate. Requests for customized access are gladly granted – that is, permitting access only to certain forums. Please use the "Contact" link above.
As noted above, Blab has over 1,000 actively visiting hobbyists, having grown apprx. 30% from 2008 to 2009. Blab offers advertisers an economical means to reach this target audience, through banner ads and occasional participation in special promotions. Please use the "Contact" link above.
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