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Thread: TTB Rules - *** MANDATORY READING! ***

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    Exclamation TTB Rules - *** MANDATORY READING! ***

    Especially important reminders:

    1. You must sign your full name to every post in TTB, or you must log your first/last name into the thread at the top of the forum. Everyone posting in TTB has this obligation. If you are not able to share your real name for any reason, you may not post in TTB.

    2. Do not use terms such as "scammer" or "scam", "ROA", "rip-off", "steal" in any context, or other negative characterizations. This is "name-calling" within Blab's rules, and it isn't always true. Readers will draw their own conclusions from factual accounts.

    3. No speculation on someone else's motivations, reasons, feelings, thoughts, etc. "He did it because ..." "She was thinking she could get away with ... " are examples that are off-limits. Speak only for yourself.

    4. Please notify the other Party with a link to your TTB complaint, so that they may give their side. This is the essence of what TTB is about - both sides can state their case. Please do so by means they are most likely to see asap - by email, if they are not regular Blab visitors. Please advise non-members that they can register and post here for free, if they will follow all the steps for registration. (Their registration info is not used for spam or any purposes other than Blab administration.)

    TTB depends on the judgment and fairness of all contributors to provide a service to the hobby.

    TTB is NOT intended to be a place to vent. Please post facts objectively, to help the hobby make their own judgments and protect themselves.

    TTB is NOT the place for a general discussion of another hobbyist.
    However, you MAY take some ideas and principals and start a thread that discusses a topic generally, without reference to an individual. (For example, discuss examples of reasons sellers don't ship on the day they said they would, rather than speculating on on what one individual did.)

    Added note re #4: Part of the fairness and integrity of TTB is allowing those who have a complaint posted about them to tell their side. This is an obligation of the original poster. Others may also notify the other party. Please note that Blab management has no means of enforcing this, nor can we undertake the task personally.

    And: Although you must share your real name in the context of TTB, just to let you know that you don't need to share it anywhere else on Blab.
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