I consider two resins stolen from me following my last communications with her on December 29th when she asked for my address again and sent finished pictures of one resin. I have e-mailed her numerous times from both my e-mail accounts and sent contacts to her through her MHSP ads to no avail. Absolute radio silence on her part. I have also heard that she has contacted at least one person privately to sell the blank resin she received as payment for painting the first which I have yet to receive. Perhaps she is angry at me for my rather cool response regarding her finish-work, and I am indeed going to have it stripped once I receive it, assuming it looks as it does in the pictures. I did not ask her to repaint it, nor did she offer. it is what it is in my opinion and I just want it back. I have already had to commission a new artist to finish it in the portrait it was meant to be.

I have had a positive transaction with her in the past, on a different resin, but would not risk the venture again!

Michelle Platt