I have a Breyer Pacer up for custom and I would like to add some feathers to his legs so he looks more like the pacers we have here in Norway.

( http://www.hestemarked.no/vip/41786/...%C3%B8ring.JPG )

Because of this I am looking for tutorials on stuff like this.
Not only on feathers but I'd also love to hear peoples methods (or preferably a tutorial) on how to carve the hooves properly, what bits you use for the different things, how to creat a new mane and tail, sex change, painting of hooves and eyes, shaping of new ears, legs, change of legs possitions etc

I'm thinking we could create a whole new board on the forum just for tutorials? Or a article site?
I'm thinking tutorials made for us n00bs by the incredibly talentet people on here.
Of course if you google it, many different tutorials shows up. I'm thinking we should collect as many tutorials as possible in one place, so that it is easier to find them!
Sounds good?