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  • Blab logo tote –BLACK with long blue handles - $5-$7 before mailing

    21 30.88%
  • Blab logo tote – PRIMARILY BLUE with long handles - $5-$7 before mailing

    18 26.47%
  • Blab logo tote – SHORT handles, wide, mostly blue - $5-$7 before mailing

    3 4.41%
  • Blab-logo polo shirt $30-$35 each before mailing

    5 7.35%
  • Blab-logo t-shirt, can have name, $25-$27 before mailing

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Thread: QUESTION FOR BLAB - totes? shirts? with Blab logo!

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    Default QUESTION FOR BLAB - totes? shirts? with Blab logo!

    Alrighty - time to get on with a Blab logo item needed by Blabbers for summer shows - Breyerfest - well, everything.

    First note - Blab has done 2 years of t-shirts ... so I am assuming people don't really need another Blab t-shirt (some of you have 3, I know for a fact). Assumption right? not so right? (p.s. there is 1 t-shirt left, blue, size large)

    Second note - Blab does not have to do an item if people don't think they need it so much, this year.

    Third note - What about a Blab tote? To carry wrapped/boxed models; and/or lunch & beverage; and/or sweater for BF live show; and/or snack to keep SO going; etc.

    Fourth note - Other LOW COST, easy, FAST, printable ideas?


    My thought for this year ...
    A Blab logo-printed tote, as large as can be had at reasonable price - something like this, hopefully $5 or $6 each, definitely under $10.

    > Ready to deliver by early June (mailing by 2nd or 3rd week of June)
    > What's your upper price limit - including mailing?
    > Do you like black with blue handle ... or would you prefer mostly blue color?

    "Long Handle Tote"

    Or these wide, sturdy-handle totes, but can't sling over your shoulder ...

    "Short Handle Wide Tote"

    Another idea ... several Blabbers expressed a preference for a polo shirt or fitted t-shirt. The polo is more expensive than the apprx. $25 (closer to $30 with customization & mailing) of the basic t-shirts of the last 2 years. What do you think about this idea?

    Polo Shirt - prob. $30-$35 each


    How about it, Blab ???
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