Are tack makers allowed to make posts offering their artistic services directly to the tack room or is that considered a panjo type of thing? Also, as far as tack sales go, what is allowed in the tack room? I've never been clear on this, so I'm just curious. In the description it says " Area to discuss making, buying and selling model horse tack", however not a lot of discussion about actual selling ever goes on in there from what I've seen. Does that mean we can share something and say it is for sale, or can we have our own thread to share and sell our work there? I think most of us are under this impression that we are not allowed to speak of sales when sharing a piece, is that right? I haven't yet figured out this Panjo yet. I guess I'm still standing back to see how it develops. What I do know is that I'm currently trying to do my hobby as most of my living and it's a struggle to advertise and get word out, this economy makes it even tougher. I think the more that sales can be seen and talked about the better, and I feel like I speak on behalf of my comrades when I say that, so I have to ask about this.