It's not implemented on the active forum site yet ...

We've been working on this mobile header for Blab, but it's not quite right yet. I am only able to see it on iPhone 6, don't have the other mobile devices or a tablet.

Volunteers to test - please try it out on your mobile device and/or tablet and post here to let us know what you find!
  • What still needs fixing on your view? - Spacing, images, layout ...
  • Did you try the three-line menu link in the upper right?
  • All the links may not yet be working when you try it.

Here's the bitly link to the test (again, this is not the "real" Blab, it's a test version) ...

  • The test forum version has some lavender color to distinguish it from the active live version.
  • The test forum does not have all the content from the live forum.

Thank you so much!

FYI ...
  • Once implemented, on a mobile or tablet this will be the default header view. You'll be able to switch to the regular header if you prefer.
  • Accessing through a computer/laptop will be almost the same header. It should size a bit better to different screens.
  • Only the header/top navigation is mobile-ized. The rest of the forum is in the same format/layout on mobile/tablet.