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This is El Sidon, a custom dramatic darkish dapple grey Arabian stallion, with white mane & tail, and black points. He is painted on the Breyer Sahran mold. This is a brand new piece from my studio, and he has not yet been shown.
He has lots of detail in the hair coat, face & hooves. I also customized his left nostril to even it up with the right side. I work in pastels, and he is sealed with multiple coats of matte sealer. His eyes, hooves and nostrils are glossed.
My work has earned many championships at live model shows, he would be a great addition to a show string.
He was inspired by the incredible Arabian stallion Sidon SMF, shown here:
I think this mold really suited the stallion, and I enjoyed bringing a whole new dimension to it.
Let El Sidon inspire you too!
Shipping costs are extra, and will be determined by the buyer's location. I ship out of Canada.