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Thread: Maybe TOO Many Forums Now?

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    Default Maybe TOO Many Forums Now?

    Dear Heather and our wonderful moderators,

    Just a thought. Perhaps the line has been crossed with TOO many different forums now? When I first joined, I found the places to go and found threads where I had posted before and life was grand.

    Lately, I forget where I posted something, can't find a thread where I *know* I was participating, and sometimes I pass right by one of the new forums because I just don't have time to click and see what threads are in it. [Yes, we can call it old age if we want to. Let's call it 50% getting old. ]

    I adore BLAB. I have sent in my membership fee [first time ever paying to be a member of an internet chat site - Go BLAB! ] and for *me* it is a two-fold opportunity. I love learning new things and I love being able to help others via my own experiences and knowledge. So many hobbiests helped me when I first started, and continue to do so many years later... I enjoy doing the same in return when I can.

    But with so many related yet seperate forums I fear I am forgetting to follow up on and/or am bypassing entire sections due to time. I don't fret too much over missing information that might help me... but I do fret over missing an opportunity to help a fellow model horse person looking for input.

    So... not complaining, just suggesting. BLAB rocks no matter what, and I know you guys take suggests in the spirit in which they are made.

    Thank you Heather!
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