Anything that is popular with Blabbers is something we try to accommodate ... but our signatures have a teensy - well, a large - problem. Chicken smoothie characters, for the most part, make signatures far over the allowed signature height.

  • If there is only one signature line - that is, any text is on the same line as the chicken smoothie character - it's a bit over, but we allow a little fudging.

  • But if even one small line of text is on a different line it is just too far over the allowed height.

  • If you can download the characters, reduce size and use them as your sig image from your own computer, they should work just fine.

  • But as linked from the original ... well, those aren't working so well because they are just too large. Unless everything is on one line.

I hope that makes sense !!! Oversized characters have to be cleared from the signatures, I am so sorry but that's how the height standard is maintained.