I was expecting a package from FedEx yesterday. Didn't come, didn't come, went to bed with no package.

This morning, I check email and "Package delivered". Wait, what?! Someone was here essentially ALL DAY and...nope, no package in the house. None on the porch (everyone always leaves packages on our porch).

So, I go on a hunting expedition. Before 7:30am. To find the stupid package before I go complain to FedEx about "where is my package?".

Finally find the package...in the mailbox.

Um...FedEx, you are NOT the USPS. You do NOT have permission to leave stuff in the mailbox. That is federal property that only US Mail can be left in (not shipped FedEx SurePost...or whatever FedEx calls it, definitely shipped FedEx).

Also, did I mention that someone was here all day (except for the 15 minutes I took younger son to class and the 15 minutes I picked him up)? You could have easily driven down and dropped it off with us...LIKE YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DO! Also, leaving the package after 9pm (I'm 99% sure I checked my email before I went to bed and, no notice then)...bad form!

So, green lights for a package delivered safely, but yellows for NOT DOING IT PROPERLY! (and giving me a bit of a heart attack since I didn't know where it was.)

(Yes, I know, it's silly!)