Loren just informed me that Reuben Kulp has passed away. Reuben has been one of the preeminent wagonsmiths in our hobby for decades, making some of the most detailed, beautiful pieces I've ever seen. He had retired from the hobby and passed the business on to his very talented granddaughter Tiki, who will continue to brighten our world with her gorgeous harness work. Still, in the harness world, this is a very sad event, indeed. I can count on one hand the number of people I know who are building scale vehicles for models now... It's a skill that's in danger of being lost altogether. Let's continue to cherish those among us who put hammer to wood and create such beautiful pieces for our models, and encourage others to learn the woodworking and metal working skills to continue this incredible hobby into the future.

My heart and prayers are with Tiki and her family during this time. She posted about his passing on their Facebook page on Julyl 23rd. If you'd like to add your words of condolences, their Facebook page is here. (Scroll down to July 23rd. The photos were taken several days before his passing.)

Photo below shows one of Reuben's Meadowbrook Show carts, which was included in our Skyline Farm Museum exhibit. It is now owned by Silje in Norway. The piece was incredible, with tiny nails holding it together and even sported a hinged seat for easy driver entry, like the real thing.