Hi folks-
Not sure if she had any dealings here, but the extremely lovely, longtime member of the model horse community and my friend Elinor O'Brien of Nova Scotia, passed away last month to cancer. When I discovered the internet in the mid 90s, she was the first person I found, and I've been privileged to be her friend ever since. Turned out the horses I collected and still have from the 60s, were the same ones her house was stuffed full of, and she set about introducing me to this wacky, crazy hobby.
She lived about 45 mins from me, and so for the past almost 25 years, I've gone "Shopping at Elinor's" several times a year since. She got me into customizing, painting, tack making, showing, judging, her husband and she foaled out my Arabian mare and foal in 2000, who left to meet her a couple years back. They'll be happy to see her, as will her own departed beloved horses Bubbles, Fickle, Bud and Britches.

I think she had her affairs in order, but if she was discussing a sale or trade with you and she didn't get back to you, that's why.
She was an absolute class act who had the patience of Job, she took crap from slow paying/trading hobbiests with a smile, because she just loved the hobby and everything about it. She was a wonderful soul, and I miss my Sister/Mom a whole lot. If you knew her, I send out virtual hugs because you also knew how special she was. I promised I'd help handle this for her, so slowly, we'll catelog and sell her incredible collection in the coming months /years. I'd also like to have one last Maritime Madness Live Show, a memorial to Elinor and our friend Debbie Gamble Arsenault, who you also likely knew. She was also a co creator of this show, and a fun/funny hostess, also lost to cancer.

So, fair warning if you are invited to Eastern Canada in 22 or 2023...please come. In memory of bright souls, and plastic ponies.