Hi all ---

As Blab's director Lemmons SS aka Elena has communicated, Blab has developed some problems with subscription updates from Paypal. The problem has been identified as being on the Paypal side, but Paypal has proved difficult to understand how to correct the problem. So Elena continues to manually update sub renewals as she is notified, while we look for a permanent solution.

Permanent solution: We are moving Blab to a new server with a much higher level of technical support. This should provide a solution to the subscription update issue as well.

Over the next few weeks Blab may occasionally experience some TEMPORARY service outages as this migration takes place. Please don't be alarmed -- Blab will be back within a couple of days!

We will do our best to notify you of interruptions in Blab service ahead of time. However, at times we will be getting services performed by outside technical support, and sometimes we don't know ahead of time when they will be working.

Many apologies for inconveniences as we work through these solutions! On the other side of this migration, once all issues are resolved, we anticipate a higher level of technical support and better functions overall.

Everyone enjoy your day and all best wishes from Blab!

Lemmons SS (director) and Mahi (owner/admin)