So I was thinking. I know there was somebody (maybe a couple people?) in Blab's history that abused the "edit posts" function and caused the institution of the "few minutes only" edit rule. But that was a while ago... Do you think maybe us users could be trusted with it again? Trial basis?

Here's why I would love to be able to edit old posts:

1) In threads like show announcements, I would love to be able to edit my first original post, so that I don't keep posting on my own thread with updates - I could just update that first post! Less scrolling, too.

2) It drives me BATTY to have spelling/grammar mistakes still staring me in the face from my posts from days past (...or big giant broken image links...), and I would love to be able to fix them without bothering a mod. Yeah, I know the first solution to this would be to proof my own posts more carefully before I submit, but I'm only human - I miss stuff!

Anyway, that's all I've got. I do like the "you have to stand by your words forever so write carefully" aspect of not being able to edit after a few minutes, but I would like to think that the current 'membership at large' would still post much the same if we could edit. Maybe if somebody abuses it, their preferences could be changed so they lose the privilege, but not everybody?

Thoughts? Immediate shut-down if this isn't at all possible? I searched for semi-recent threads about this, but didn't find anything.

Happy new year!