I wish I had solid records for this transaction, but unfortunaly I dont and I have to go by ballpark dates.

Around winter 2008 I purchased a repositioned PS arabian chips model, I believe originally from Samantha Lloyd (who doesnt concern this, she did everything she said she would do, but I do believe the model was repositioned and primed by Samantha.) I was offered a paint job on the horse by either her or Tia. Tia was very friendly, though I felt sort of pressured into buying the paint job, I dont know if it was excitement on her part, or knowing I was new to the hobby and therefore vulnerable to the used-car-salesman-enthusiasm, but and in the end I decided to also pay for a paint job and Tia was the one who ended up painting this horse. I suppose. I paid $70 via paypal and I was told he would be done by April 2008.

April 2008 rolled around and I hadn't heard anything. Tia however was prompt in replying with emailed photos, stating she didnt like his tail and was repositioning it. He looked completely painted except for perhaps hoof and eye detail. Emails trickled few and far between until it became nothing. It's been so long that I've had to change the mailing/shipping address 3 times because of moving back and fourth from home and college. Once in summer 2008 I was told he would be shipped - after some medical issues happened which I was sypmathetic towards. I was told again fall 2008 that she was going to ship him - I told her I really just wanted a refund because at that point in time I could use $70 more than a model and I would probably be in the process of reselling him IF I had him in hand, but I didnt mind that he would be shipped - I just wanted SOMETHING.

It is my fault that I do not have Tia's email address saved any longer because my blackboard (internet server) whipped itself out and my address book was lost. Regardless, I was using the FL PM's to contact her mostly anyway. However I simply CANNOT FIND HER ANYWHERE. For a while she was on FL showing off new models she painted, which upset me because I wanted MY MODEL which I knew should have been long finished - he was finished in april 2008.

I know she's dissapeared on a few people so far, I was prompted to red light her but I'm a whimp.

Tia, if you're reading this - REFUND MY MONEY. I am close to giving my first red light out. Though my time in the model horse hobby is only a short two years, I have nothing but green lights. I pay on time, I ship on time, I'm patient, and I think I've been patient enough for a horse that I origionally wanted to purchase as a prepped model.

I have however learned a good lesson, and I'm happy I learned it so early....Dont let people sweet talk you. The price for a paintjob was cheap, but now, instead of waiting for a paintjob, I'm just hoping you give me my money back.

- Kristen Cermele